About Us

Welcome to LaserIntervention & Wellness International

LaserIntervention & Wellness Toronto is the Canadian leader in full service low level laser therapy (LLLT). Our highly trained medical professionals specialize in safe and effective laser treatments that help our clients stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, rehabilitate injuries and relieve pain using clinically proven low level laser therapy (LLLT).

Our laser treatment clinics were originally based in the GTA offering easy access for residents and businesses in the Greater Toronto area.  After great interest in our highly successful patented protocols from clinics all over the world, we have decided  to share these protocols and partner with professionals internationally.  

LaserIntervention & Wellness specializes in the treatment of individual patients and the administration of comprehensive Corporate laser therapy and wellness programs. We have managed to design our treatments so that they are eligible for coverage within private health insurance plans offered by your employers.

Since LaserIntervention was originally developed, the access to the professions area has changed considerably.  There is considerably more mainstream identification with Laser Smoking Cessation programs lending to many companies and organizations attempting working in this space. The issue is companies do not know how to implement a Laser Smoking Cessation program that has REAL success. In fact, many companies and practitioners have tried with no success giving themselves and their organizations diminishing reputations – and, subsequently failing at implementing a successful program. LaserIntervention has not only paved the way for Laser Smoking Cessations mainstream recognition, but has paved the way with the highest success.

LaserIntervention is committed to keeping the pathways fresh, relevant, profitable and successful – and to show that, despite all the other smoking cessation products on the market, Laser for Smoking Cessation will continue to grow as the most successful product.


Low level laser therapy is a renowned and proven technology that has been widely used in Europe and the United States for over 40 years and has been offered in Canada by the trained professionals at LaserIntervention & Wellness for 10 years.

LaserIntervention & Wellness employs highly trained Doctors and Therapists. When appropriate, this allows us to combine the healing power of laser therapy with supplemental treatment techniques that will expedite healing and increase the effectiveness of the treatments.