LIW now offering our complete laser package for one low price

Nov 10, 2015

Looking for Additional Revenue for your Practice, Clinic or Business?

Now offering our complete Quit Smoking Licensing package including our LIW Laser Equipment for only:

$29,995 USD

Laser therapy from Laser Intervention & Wellness (LIW) has gained great popularity as a method to quit smoking because in addition to being the most effective treatment of its kind on the market, the program is natural, safe, non-invasive, non-toxic, easily applied and has no negative side effects.


Earning Potential

There are 1.1 billion smokers in the world today. Even with only one client a day, the revenue opportunities are exciting.

Treatments   Day Month Year
1 per day   $500 $13000 $156000
2 per day   $1000 $26000 $312000
3 per day   $1500 $39000 $468000


Great Support

LIW has been developing this procedure for over 10 years. Our team of support people will assist you in setting up the Laser Quit Smoking Protocol on your existing equipment or provide new equipment if required. Marketing material is supplied and with our quick learning curve you will be proficient in our laser quit smoking program within days.


Fast Startup

Purchasing your LIW results in a shortened learning curve. You have the LIW team experience to draw upon, and a vast majority of your initial decisions are already made with a proven formula for success. No need to wonder how to market, which retail products are worth stocking, or how to make sure you achieve successful treatment results. You receive on-site and ongoing training in every aspect of the business.


Low Investment

Most LIW Laser Therapy licensees keep their initial investment demands low, which favours new entrepreneurs and/or adding the license to an existing business. In order for the licensee to grow, start-up costs are kept to a minimum. Payment plans can be established if required. By offering a complete package for one low cost you receive everything required to offer a quit smoking program to your clients.


Why Us?

The success of our proprietary Laser Intervention & Wellness methodology for smoking cessation has evolved from an exceptional combination of people, process development, and capital. Brought together, this enables innovative product development and insightful laser technology and program consulting. The strength of LIW and its programs comes from our people, our experience, and our partnerships.


LIW’s Credibility is built on a heritage of 10 years of successful practice. When you buy a LIW Laser Therapy program, you are purchasing an already reputable, time-tested, proven concept with a business model that works.

Contact us for more information.  LIW is looking forward to working with you. - 416.915.1514