What sets us apart

LaserIntervention & Wellness has an exceptional combination of people, processes, facilities and track record. Brought together, this enables innovative product development and insightful Laser  technolgy and program consulting. The strength of LIW and its programs comes from our people, our experience, and our partnerships. The typical licensee benefits are a recognized brand , faster time and greater access to the market, quick  return on investment, high profits and proven success for clients.


Global. Intelligent. Proven. Practical. Profitable


  • PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST - With a passion for technology, innovation and medical knowledge.
  • HERITAGE AND TRACK RECORD - Credibility won from a heritage of 10 years of successful practice, consistent research and program development winning market share for our clients.
  • SCALABLE - Professional team including doctors, therapists, web and software engineers/designers, scientists, marketing/brand response and sales representatives able to bring constant insight and development in order to dominate the Laser Smoking Cessation market
  • MULTI-FACETED APPOACH - Dedicated to creating world-class, integrated and customized development experiences that include assessments, training, action learning, and readily applicable tools
  • ALLIANCES - Established partner network of the best thought leaders in laser therapy in the world.
  • ESTABLISHED TRACK RECORD - When you buy an LIW Laser Therapy license, you are purchasing an already reputable, time-tested, proven concept with a business model that works.
  • FASTER START UP - The learning curve is never as short as when you purchase a LIW Laser Therapy license. You have your licensor’s experience to draw upon, and a vast majority of your initial decisions are already made. No need to wonder how to market, which retail products are worth stocking, or how to make sure you achieve successful treatment results. You receive on-site and ongoing training in every aspect of the business.
  • LOW INVESTMENT - Most LIW Laser Therapy licensees keep their initial investment demands low, which favours new entrepreneurs and/or adding the license to an existing business. In order for the licensee to grow, start-up costs are kept to a minimum. Payment plans can be established if required.
  • PURCHASING POWER - Furthermore, by being part of a group of licensees, the company as
    a whole will enjoy stronger purchasing power and more favourable discounts from suppliers and wholesalers. There’s strength in numbers, and you, as a licensee, will be the prime beneficiary.
  • A PROVEN BUSINESS STRATEGY - While many new businesses struggle to develop a viable and profitable business plan, licensors have already done the heavy lifting.
  • NAME RECOGNITION  - It takes years to build up name recognition for a new business when you first introduce your brand into the marketplace. A LIW Laser Therapy license can provide you with instant awareness. LIW is the most reputable Laser Therapy clinic in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and is known, has brand recognition as well as recognition from insurance companies and corporate and local businesses. Our clients vary from professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, business executives as well as the general population. Furthermore, even if the license is new to your particular territory, as the license continues to expand both nationwide and in your geographic area, brand awareness will increase exponentially in a way that it never could if you were simply running your own single storefront.
  • PRE-ESTABLISHED SUPPLY LINES  - Establishing dependable relationships with vendors, service providers and suppliers is a challenge for a new business. With a license, you benefit from relationships that are already well-established and thoroughly vetted.